Why was Brazil chosen?

Brazil is the second largest market in the follow-up of mobility by applications, even with great difficulty that the country has been passing in recent years in the political-economic environment, we believe that from 2019 this will change. we do not want to be left out when that happens.


Growing Brazil

15% of this volume uses the service daily, generating net revenues
of R$23 million/day.

São Paulo is the city that most uses the APP system of mobility in the world.

25+ Million
500+ Thousand


Wapp Benefits


Security will be a strong point of the platform


Alternative payment options with bitcoin

Low fee

Fair and competitive fee

Wapp Club

Advantage club where you earn points and switch for miles.

Wapp Club

In addition to using the app to get around with a ride, you can accumulate points. The Wapp Club arrives to benefit the user of the app. You will be able to change the points and use in airfare, discounts on purchases and more.


Implementation Sheet

After much research and successful testing, we are happy to share with you our planning and how the process is.

Market research and feasibility.
February 2018
Development of business plan.
Octuber 2018
Brazil choice for start.
November 2018
Training of the local team to work in Brazil.
Dezember 2018
Launch of the affiliate portal
January 2019
Launch app
September 2019

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